Unleash Your Liquidity Potential

Bella: Streamlined Tools for Maximum Crypto Yields

What is Bella?

Bella Protocol: The Multi-chain Liquidity Powerhouse. We streamline your liquidity provision experience in DeFi with cutting-edge tools. With Bella Flex Savings, Bella LP Farm, and Bella Tuner, we optimize returns for everyday users and enhance quantitative strategies for professional users. At Bella, we make liquidity provision simple, accessible and lucrative.



Bella's Flex Savings and LP Farm maximize yield, while Tuner empowers quants to fine-tune strategies for top efficiency


Bella turns the complexity of DeFi into an effortless and user-friendly experience.


From accurate fund routing to high-fidelity backtesting, Bella ensures precision in every operation

Product Suite

Bella Flex Savings

A gas-efficient, smart liquidity pool that auto-compounds your returns. Flex Savings optimize your crypto wealth management experience with low fees.

Bella LP Farm

Leverage zkSync layer 2 as Bella LP Farm navigates the landscape for prime yield farming opportunities, bolstering your potential earnings with multiple token rewards.

Bella Tuner

Enhance your liquidity strategies with Bella Tuner, a powerful Uniswap v3 simulator. It retains tick-level accuracy, enabling comprehensive backtesting and refinement of your quant strategies.


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